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Réception des classes américaines à l'Elysée par le Président Miterrand, 1988



29 août 2009 6 29 /08 /août /2009 15:13

Un grand nombre d'entre vous me demandent comment retrouver leur correspondant :

l'accès à Facebook est très RESTREINT et un signal vous indique que vous franchissez la limite au-delà d'une dizaine de noms!!

Alors aidez-moi en cherchant vous mêmes votre correspondant sur Facebook

Si vous le retrouvez, indiquez-lui de cliquer sur ce blog afin de répondre au questionnaire en anglais et de m'envoyer sur mon E mail leurs commentaires  .

Merci de votre aide 


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29 août 2009 6 29 /08 /août /2009 15:07
A large number of former participants, upon receipt of the message, would love to get back in touch with their correspondant:

To try to do so :

1: get name you have on facebook: many French kids are on Facebook

2. get on the equivalent of Facebook in France:


then in the line "recherche" , type name of French kid 

Good luck!

Whoever you find, please give them the info to get on this site for the questionnaire and get in touch with me through my E mail

Thank you for your help

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11 août 2009 2 11 /08 /août /2009 17:35

Premier article présentant les " classes de neige franco-américaines" dans les "Toutes les nouvelles de Versailles 1976


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11 août 2009 2 11 /08 /août /2009 17:27
  • img536.jpg
  • First page of the Park Ridge Journal
  • img499.jpg

First page of the " Cleveland Press


Cover of our French American Snow class Journal
written by the children

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10 juillet 2009 5 10 /07 /juillet /2009 00:00


Latest news 


Nouveaux livres d'André Girod:

"C'est mon Amérique aussi" 

cliquez ici

" Maires à la dérive ou dérives des maires?"

livre provocateur sur les mairies


Talk on book in the Chicago area

André Girod will present and sign his book

" French American class"

click here

Book  published in English

RedleadPress, Pittsburgh, USA

"French American class" by André Girod

André Girod narrates the fabulous adventure of the 10 year old French and American children, traveling to America or to France. The contact of the French children in elementary schools throughout the United States touched more than one million children and familiarize them with the French language and culture. At the time the French American class program was the most innovative and successful exchange program ever. More than 80 000 children participated in the incredible experience.


Book available on Amazon.com  or  http://redleadbooks.com/




The French-American Program was the subject of many articles in the national, regional and local newspapers in America and France. André Girod became in the 80/90 one of the most known and respected educator in America.

To order book link http://redleadbooks.com/frclitlowayt.html

What was said about the French American class:


« The book brought back only good memories.  I am going to share the book with my daughter Betsy and my son George. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. »

George Voinovich, former Governor of Ohio and US Senator.

« It is with real pleasure that I see you have continued this long tradition of friendship to which we are proud between France and the United-States »

Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President

«  For the children, the program is an adventure in learning both about themselves and about others. »

Dr Irving Miller, Superintendant, Homewood Illinois.

«  I have admired your beliefs and risk-taking and perseverance to make French American Back to Back a meaningful and successful program for those who participated. »

Dr Alfreida Frost, Superintendant, Grosse Pointe, Michigan.



I appreciated Bill Heebink's remarks in your book about the powerful vision of watching school children from Beloit, Wisconsin ,placing a wreath on the grave of a Beloit serviceman who had been killed during the Normandy invasion.
The Soldier was John Stokes, a Silver Star winner and we will return to place another wreath in October."

Michael Walls former superintendant Newark Delaware on Facebook

Lettre de Barack Obama, président des Etats-Unis à André Girod






Suite à l'envoi du livre : " French American class, it's a long way to France" réponse du président des Etats-Unis Barack Obama.

 A souligner que dans les années 70/80 Barak Obama a travaillé comme animateur social dans les quartiers noirs de Chicago où travaillairt aussi André Girod pour son programme des classes franco-américaines. Les deux auraient pu se retrouver dans le bureau de la responsable des affaires sociales à la Mauirie de Chicago: Rosa Moore.

Read article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette:


Former Coe instructor connects Cedar Rapids students to France

More than 80,000 students participated in program


For more than two decades, from the late 70s until 2000, Frenchman and former Coe College instructor Andre Girod bridged the gap between the United States and France with an aggressive foreign exchange education program that involved 80,000 American and French fifth-grade students.

Now Girod has documented the experience in his book, “French-American Class: It’s a long way to France.”

“The City of Cedar Rapids was the first city in America to participate in 1977 and many articles were written at the time,” Girod writes in an email.

In Cedar Rapids the program was called Campus International. He points to his blog for people to read more about it. (Most of it is in French but it does have some interesting caricatures of a Frenchman in the United States.)

Girod became a teacher of French in foreign countries after studying at the Sorbonne. He came to the United States in 1959 as a Fulbright scholar and, in 1965, joined Coe College in Cedar Rapids. By the early 70s he became discouraged by the decline of teaching foreign languages in the United States and began the exchange program.

“French-American Class” is published by Red Lead Press in Pittsburgh and can be ordered in either a 126-page soft cover book for $15 or downloaded as an e-book for $10 by clicking here.

Girod would like program participants to try to reconnect via Facebook, since many French people also use it to stay connected to friends.

If program participants wish to contact Girod, he can be reached by email at jardins.de.magali@gmail.com




In the New York Times  December 16

                      the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school happened one week after the publication in the United States of the book : « French American class : It’s a long way to France ». The book relates the fabulous adventure of French and American fifth graders who participated in the French-American class program : spending three weeks for the French children in American elementary schools and for American children in French schools.
André Girod the founder of the program had twice the opportunity to visit Newton and Sandy Hook School to see if the community and the school would be willing to participate. André Girod found Newton and its school the idyllic place to host French children. Hundreds and hundreds of small communities were selected throughout the United States for their peaceful environment and the enthusiasm of the school authorities and parents.
In this school there could have been French children and the massacre could have hit French children as well.
It is with great distress that the founder André Girod learned about this terrible event. He visited and worked with thousands of American elementary children : i twas his way to bring peace, joy and knowledge to elementary school children.
What a shame that now elementary schools will be turned into fortresses to avoid any stranger.



                                                 Dec. 16, 2012 at 6:16 p.m.




The program had a long article and cover of ACTL magazine:

the most important magazine on foreign language teaching



 André Girod was made " Honorary Citizen "

by many American cities

for his innovative and revolutionary program in the 70s/80s                                            img499-2.jpg


                                    img 089


                       img 085

                                img 145





img 096

img 072


img 095


img 077





See more documents here



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Published by Classe Franco Americaine/French American Classes - dans Publication: Classes Back to Back - extraits
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