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3 janvier 2015 6 03 /01 /janvier /2015 10:22

Let’s save the « Jardins de Magali »

Never before, in a thousand years, this cave and piece of land had been threatened to be confiscated by any power in order to solve a problem.

This is what is happening in 2014.

Let ‘s establish the facts :

In 2012, Sivom ( the water company for Lauris, set up in Pertuis) decided to move the watermeters from inside the houses to the outside : 2 valid reasons : easier to read the meters and remove the old lead pipes. Some of the houses date back to the 18e century.

Three months after the removal of the watermeters, humidity stains appeared in the troglodite sections of the houses in the district and on the top part of the cave in the Jardins de Magali. A registered letter was sent to Sivom to ask them to check the water pipe system. A Sivom representative came to check and he found no anomaly. All was supposed to be in order. However the humidity continued to grow. The leaks must have been in the new pipes between the old meters and the new. Sivom refused to verify pretending it was the responsability of the owners : they should have declared a leak within the first month after the removal of the old meters. But the leaks could not be detected because the water impregnated the tender rock through the new drains.

A meeting was held to no effect : refusal of the water company to accept to verify the pipes.

In the meantime, the people around the cave of the « Jardins de Magali » started to get incredible water bills : from 15 m3 ( 2012) to 130 m3 ( 2013). The argument from Sivom to explain these incredible bills was to advise the consumers to « learn how to turn off faucets » !

But Sivom had to face the stubborness of André Girod and some onwners of the district to find a just solution to the problem of water waste and humidity in the district. Upon the advice of one of the assistants to the Mayor of Lauris, Sivom through his director, Anthony Vitali, decided to send a letter threatening André Girod of confiscation and destruction of his property. In case of refusal, the police would be sent to arrest him.

This new method is exactly like what happened during the war by the Vichy Government to confiscate the properties of the Jews or by the mafia to shut up any contestant.

It is difficult to believe that this method can still be used in the 21st century in France !

Letter from the Sivom ( in French)

Save the " Jardins de Magali"

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